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(You know, just in case you wanted to see if you’re a match! Fun little tidbit: Jake Tapper worked for VH1 back in 2002 as their on-camera reporter for VH1 News and host of VH1's Long-Form News Specials.

WASHINGTON – Many Democrats expressed outrage Thursday at allegations from a former party chairwoman that an agreement with the Democratic National Committee gave the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton some day-to-day control over the party early in the 2016 campaign.

So, for the sake of proper reporting (and my own curiosity), here are all the answers to your burning questions about this delightful hero we're crushing on so damn hard.1. Jacob Paul Tapper (his real name), is 47 years old and was born in New York City and raised in Philadelphia. In my mind, the man is tall — even though when I searched for Jake Tapper's height, I found out that he is only 5 feet 6 inches. He also has a Facebook page and a pretty fun Instagram, though, unfortunately, hasn't updated that social media account in a few months. But it seems he always prefers to spend as much time at home with his family as he can.

His father is from a Jewish family and his mother (raised as a Presbyterian) converted to Judaism before he was born. He carries himself like the best kind of giant, so it's all good by me.10. But I'm pretty sure that, in general, his inbox in probably FILLED with love letters ... Home and Design even featured his home on their site, so now we can get a look at where he kicks back to relax after a hard day in the trenches with Wolf Blitzer! Finally, here are some sexy pictures for your viewing pleasure of the man, the myth, the legend ...

If there’s one silver lining when it comes to being obsessed with the news, as horrible as it seems these days, it’s getting to watch CNN anchor Jake Tapper. I see this question asked a lot, and I'm not sure if people are asking this LITERALLY or figuratively.

I can’t tell you how many times my husband will call me from the other room and say, “Your boyfriend is on TV.” (My husband knows me. )I first noticed Jake Tapper during the Boston Bombing, when I was glued to the television, watching the events as it unfolded live in front of me at 3 o'clock in the morning. I'm going to assume that Jake Tapper is either at CNN headquarters, off somewhere covering breaking news or at Jake Tapper's home, depending on when it is you are reading this.

"Donna Brazile just stated the DNC RIGGED the system to illegally steal the Primary from Bernie Sanders," he wrote.

The current leadership of the party said it would address the problem.

Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) said in a CNN interview that she believed the primary contest between Clinton and Sanders had been rigged. “We have to hold this party accountable.” President Trump also jumped on the controversy with a tweet on Thursday night that suggested the Justice Department should investigate the "real collusion and dishonesty," even though Brazile and the Sanders campaign have not alleged criminal activity.Throughout the campaign, the DNC and its then-chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, fiercely denied any suggestion that the party was helping Clinton over other candidates. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) had criticized Wasserman Schultz for limiting the early primary debate schedule, allowing party money to be used for Clinton fundraising, and briefly cutting off Sanders’s access to the party voter file shortly before the New Hampshire primary after a Sanders staffer inappropriately accessed information.Some Democrats now say the arrangement is evidence that the concerns were valid.It had been signed in August 2015, four months after the former Secretary of State announced she was running for president and a year before she officially became the Democratic nominee.Ms Brazile said joint fundraising committees were created between the DNC and both the Clinton and Sanders campaigns during the 2016 election cycle.

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He graduated from Dartmouth College with a Bachelors of Arts degree in History and Visual studies. If you aren't madly in love yet, I don't even know who you are.

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  1. While going out is fun, staying at home and just relaxing is really fun too, and I'm glad he helped me realize that. A lot of people will make you think that two people who are so opposite will not work long-term; that your relationship will last three to four months and then, because you will disagree over most everything, you will call it quits.