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Of the international travelers surveyed, 29 per cent think those who travel are more fun, 26 per cent think they're more creative, and 7 per cent think they're sexier.

They also seem to think international travelers smarter and have farther-reaching life experience: 66 per cent said they think that international travel can be as valuable as a college education.

The survey also asked why people travel, finding they were inspired to do so by the prospect of sightseeing (67 per cent), an interest in other cultures (52 per cent), a yearning to try authentic food (39 per cent), better weather (29 per cent), and a desire to spend time with family and friends (32 per cent).

Nineteen per cent said they were celebrating a milestone, like an engagement or promotion, while a whopping 17 per cent said they wanted to visit a place they saw on a TV show or in a movie.

Meanwhile, I settled down to watch a film, perfectly ­content to spend Christmas alone.

Of course, there will be many women who will ask how I can ­possibly feel happy playing second fiddle to a wife and children on such a special day of the year — or in fact on any day of the year.

Several also cited ways that going abroad enhanced their love lives — and enriched their lives as a whole.

Just 41 per cent of Americans hold a valid US passport, but those who do think quite highly of their peers.

A few days before Christmas, I went on a date with my lover Peter, a 52-year-old businessman and a lovely, kind, generous man.It makes a man hugely attractive to see how much he loves his family.But for me, it’s not just about the seal of approval from someone else.More than half (53 per cent) of Americans with passports said they are content with their lives, while just 34 per cent of those without passports said the same.International travelers also said visiting other countries gives them opportunities they wouldn't have otherwise (57 per cent), a deeper understanding of the world (52 per cent), and the chance to make new friends (37 per cent).

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It's little surprise, then, that 85 percent of people without a passport said they feel like they're missing out by not traveling abroad — something Hilton hopes to remedy with its Passport Project, which encourages more Americans to get passports.