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Plashtane na tok online dating

This company is a scam and I advise everyone to check their bank statements and if you have had any money taken out of your account from helpdeskhgww Online Gb to call your bank immediately to cancel your visa card before they have a chance to steal more money from you and report them as a scam so no-one else can be ripped off. After a few emas they supplied me with a tracking number that simply said the product was "on the way" and gave a 10 day span for expected delivery. It never came, and they will not respond to my emails.I would really appreciate it if you could help me out with this matter and inform the right people to let them know that they are stealing money. I disputed the charge and reported them to the BBB.There is anyone here that happen this in this site? Se trata de chaquetas northface..salian anunciados en instagram.Thanks SITE FRAUDULEUX : " NBBPSHOP "commande non honorée et aucun mail de confirmationdébit carte supérieur au prix indiquéréclamation sans réponsetransaction ID : 201712070005239757debit effectué par " BJ DZTERDA TECH "ARNAQUE!!!! No contestsn emails ni llegan paqueted.¿como hago para que devuelvan mi dimeto el banco?I've had to cancel my visa card due to this matter. please help how to return your money Ho trovato un pagamento effettuato su una mia carta dal vostro sito di 70.50 euro avrei effettuato una ricarica di 65 ....I've had major neck and back surgeries and the stress of this matter has caused me severe pain and stress. my credit card is charged for two sums for recipient pes * xm gwjck co, ltd and fht * mbifengs. Eeee in più ciò che avrei ordinato nn è arrivato credo che mi rivolgerò alle autorità They are definitely scammers.Needless to say I have cancelled my order with them and contacted the bank! I was charged was a charge for CTBILL *votorantim on my statements and went into my local bank to check this transaction out. In my statement appears PES*ALICYONLINE - Men and women's clothing Stores, and I went to I am waiting to see the outcome of the legitimate transaction as that (2nd) transaction was not authorized. to buy a Singer sewing machine at 22 November 2017 and until now nothing....

I have no contacted my credit card company who will be looking into it however PED*NXFHL is listed as a clothing company.FIRST OFF THE EMAIL I RECEIEVED WAS FOR he wind up with three different amounts.1., & .66 wtf this is so wrong I will make sure I'm on a us website before I order This company sells 'licensed' team sportswear under the name of Teams Sweatshirts.The sweatshirts are inferior and trying to obtain a refund is a huge effort.We cancelled one order, and 30 days later are still waiting for a refund.We are returning the order we did place and have had to ask 4 times for the correct address (in Asia) to return the merchandise.

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Gracias Hi i've been charged as PES*muchcome from Kashi (Kashgar Cina)from a site that i think is a fraud since i've been charged in chinese currency without secure code question and I wrote some mails but no answer I made an online purchase a of 61.00.