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If you’ve ever been in an unavailable relationship, you’re likely as familiar with blowing hot and cold as you are with your own reflection.

We greatly appreciate the time they took from their busy schedules to attend the Roundtable in December 2010 and their continuing review and feedback throughout the entire project. Nguyen were the primary staff that worked on this project. In my mind, I would get involved with someone, incidentally who I probably didn’t even like that much, and they would be blowing seriously hot and then ‘something about me’ would make them become unavailable and start blowing lukewarm or cold.I believed that they were great guys offering great relationships and that if it weren’t for my flaws, they’d still be the same guys I’d or been led to believe that they were offering.We would also like to acknowledge Jim Henderson from the Battered Women's Justice Project and Ruby White Starr of the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges for sharing their own stories and experiences at the National Roundtable. Patterns of adjustment among children of battered women. Their stories enriched the Roundtable discussions and were extremely helpful in the development of this project. The effects of family and community violence on children.

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