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We prosper and seek love and romance and only have that too burn up in your faces.

Open your mind body and soul to only have multiple people walk all over you like last weeks snackbar menu.

Love can be the greatest thing yet also be the cause of so much pain, so is it worth it? Taking A Break Ok folks, I need to take a fu break to help out my brother, some wierd sh*t happening at the moment so we are gonna try and get it sorted before things get out of control.

Fake People Why are people on these types of sites so fake? stop being whinny asses and face the facts that not everyone is going to like everyone. Thanks and love to my fu family Lo Lo xx Hello fu peeps, just a quick message to let yoo know that i might not be on for a few days.

If you are honest with people and they don't like your opinion they block you and hide. For those who know me well they will understand, been a hectic week and a half so i'm going to just kick back and relax for a few days, well relax as much as a can since the wee one isn't feeling too well. hugsss Lo Lo x I know i said before i would be back pretty soon, but infortunately i may be longer.

That's one of the biggest problems in the world today, everyone is scared of differences. My niece (who is 4 months pregnant) is in hospital so it'll probably be a few more days before i'm back. Luv and huggs Lo Lo x Video & Voice Bully A TRUE SOUTHERN GENTLEMAN ISN'T IT ABOUT TIME YOU GOT TO KNOW ONE ?

.1 When the flag is displayed over the middle of the street, it should be suspended vertically with the union(blue) to the north in a For Her..... I've avoided it as if it were the plague ever since that day. I know you loved me, I never doubted or questioned it.Annie's long legs were not quite fully extended, but were bent a little at the knees.Her beautiful ass and naked back were tantalizingly close and still a little sweaty, almost begging me to caress them. Or am I all alone and merely having a wonderful dream?I hate that it still reminds me of you, that it hurt's to hear it. Thank you for all the good memories, I will always hold them in my heart.We used to know the lyric's by heart, recite them word for word to each other. I know I will always miss you, that you will always be in my heart and in the back of my head.

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It does however sadden me that many of these people do not know the proper way to display the flag and in doing so inproperly it is a disgrace. I have even gone so far as in my hometown to knock on one of the city councilmen's door and ask him if he could not afford a new flag since the one he was displaying was torn to shreds. Then again, maybe thing's happened as they were supposed to.