Camp for diabetic adults

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Camp for diabetic adults

Would you rather have a less expensive, back to nature experience?

One thing that you will want to look for is a medical component to the retreat.

This is why having a medical professional at a retreat is so important.

You need to be monitored until you stabilize the changes.

In other words, a licensed medical professional is there to evaluate you during the retreat.

There are also health coaches that plan Diabetes Retreats at expensive all-inclusive resorts.The goal at the retreat will be to adopt some healthy lifestyle habits, and begin to lose weight.At the same time, retreat staff will not want you to have episodes of low blood sugar as a result of increased exercise, less carbohydrate intake, and decreased insulin needs or resistance.Studies have also found that the Pritikin Program reduces fasting insulin by 25 to 40% .Research has discovered, too, that the Pritikin Program can actually reverse a pre-diabetic condition called the Metabolic Syndrome.

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All guests with diabetes are directed by our physicians to receive add-on services to the core Pritikin Longevity Center program.