Bridget marquardt still dating hugh hefner

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It’s a logical end game, considering that Hefner’s great accomplishment was to make female nudity just safe enough for the mainstream.Today, we live in a world that was forged during that mid-century period of loosening obscenity laws and social mores.Maybe that’s why we never see Hef and the girls having sex, although by all accounts, sex was part of the contract for live-in girlfriends.Until the show made stars of Holly, Bridget, and Kendra, Hefner’s girlfriends weren’t allowed to pose for the magazine; , Kendra frets, “Am I in trouble?As Radar readers know, Madison, 37, previously bashed Hefner and Wilkinson in her shocking tell-all memoir, founder was always rooting for her to fail and that he didn’t realize that living in the mansion and filming for his show wasn’t at all what she wanted for herself.

Again, for the cheap seats in the back: , “I felt like I had something to say about being in the midst of that whole thing that was going on where Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson and Kendra were so celebrated — and I was a part of it too — for being dumb on TV.

“Good night, kiddies,” Hef tells Bridget and her friends, sprawled out on her bedroom floor, before he turns in for the night.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” At times, it seems like , who wed his daughters and killed his sons.

Part of the reason I wanted to write the book was to show the other side of it.” By the time vision that E!

presented wasn’t radical but cuddly-safe: a Pepto-pink slumber party that never ends.

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“So sad but forever grateful for all the wonderful memories and amazing experiences #RIPHef #Playboy,” she wrote on Instagram after posting a photo of her with Hef.